Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Monday Musings

Mondays, lately have been a day for exploring. I didn't realize how many trips I have done until I looked at my files and found several Monday maraudings. The first two photos were take while fungi hunting in the Weilangta Rainforest

On the way back from the forest, I was heading toward Bream Creek and took this photo of Maria Island.

Passed the trees

and the dairy farms

Bream Creek is a small rural community where creative people express themselves in their back yards.

Dunalley Beach with the tide way out.

On the way from Dunalley to Connelly's Marsh, the sky looked magnificent.
On this Monday it was a trip to Waterworks Reserve, again looking for fungi (no luck). However the old aquaduct appealed to me on this trip.

Then we moved to Sandy Bay where this boat shed appealed.

At Sandy Bay there was some old attachments on the sea wall where people would tie up their boats, I dare say.

The ducks enjoyed the beach.

Next stop on this trip was Blackman's Bay Blowhole. It would have been brilliant if the weather had of been wild, with the water booming through.

I was likin' this lichen. When I arrived home my new macro lens had arrived so of course I had to try it out using flowers from my garden.

It does a mighty job I think. What do you think?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

All Quiet Down Boomer Bay

Recently I was driving through Boomer Bay and I realised I'd never stopped in at the old cemetery where there are graves of the area's pioneers next to the scenic bay.

Friday, 31 October 2014

In Search of Shower Falls

A cheeky parrot that was hanging about looking for food.

Patterson Arch down on the Tasman Peninsula isn't as famous as the Tasman Arch but equally as imposing. I was quite surprised that there were no signs advising tourists of this beauty. It is at Waterfall Bay where we headed to to find Shower Falls. We had read about them in a bush-walking book and we really wanted to check them out.

On the way we stopped at Eaglehawk Neck and snapped this bronze sculpture depicting the dogs that once guarded the neck against the escape of convicts from Port Arthur. There is a narrow strip of land called the Neck that stops the Tasman Peninsula from being an island and the dogs were kept savage and hungry ready to deal with any convict that had got away.

We found the track that we were to take and I fell in love with the variety of moss. We traveled up and up, high above Waterfall Bay in search of the waterfalls.

The thing I love about bush-walking is the things you find.

High above the bay.

Wild flowers blooming,

Even the green hooded orchids

and the heath

Rocks jutting out of the sea

Trees clinging onto the cliffs for sheer life.

Cape Huay in the distance.

The surf beach on the way home. Did we find the Falls?

Not Shower Falls, no! Somehow we didn't venture far enough even though we climbed high, BUT we did find these small falls on the Truganinni Track at Taroona a few days later.