Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Adventure on the Doorstep

Today our adventure took us close to my home but alas I don't have a telephoto lens and missed getting shots of a seal that was fishing nearby, however I captured other things that too my eye. Boating on the bay is very common especially on lovely calm days like it was today.

A juvenile Pacific Gull.

The quaint boat sheds.

Shacks on the hill overlooking the boat ramp.

Drying her wings after a bout of fishing. (Australian Salmon were running today)

Water craft of all shapes and sizes.

Native bluebells which hadn't been seen here for many years before the bushfire but after, they are flourishing.

Looking over to Lime Bay which is on the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula isn't the only place where there are Tesselated Pavements, we have our own version here.

and the biggest sea shells that I have ever seen in Tasmania

Oyster Catchers

Even the weeds look pretty.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Goat Bluff, O'Possum Bay and Clifton Beach

On the way to South Arm, we stopped at Goat Bluff and looked down the cliff face and Black Jack Rock (below).

A lone surfer getting ready to hit the water at Goat's Beach.

A beautiful Banksia

The Iron Pot in Storm Bay at the mouth of the Derwent River.

Hope Beach

The jetty at O'Possum Bay with Mt Wellington in the distance.

The rock formations with a boat shed built into the cliff.

I spotted a Christmas tree on the deck of a holiday house made out of thongs (flip-flops). Very creative and very Aussie.

Cray pot hidden in the long grass.

The sheds and beach houses are right on the beach.

A beach house with its own light house.

There were a lot of dead crabs on the beach.

A dinghy waiting to be taken out.

A very colourful door for this shack.

There is a moth somewhere minus a wing.

and a crab without a shell.

Clifton Beach

A very popular spot for surfers, even in the last week of March.

and paddle boarders

A very unusual roof line on a beach house.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Creative Woodbridge

While exploring Woodbridge last week, I stumbled upon what looked like a community arts project. Being a lover of shape, pattern and texture, I couldn't resist capturing it.

         And then I find art in other odd things.
Looks like a face to me

Fossils in the rock

Faces where you don't expect

Even the hand carved graffiti has a certain charm

Found in someone's garden

The roof trusses at the cafe at Grandvewe Cheesery

Tea caddies stacked up.