Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winter Wednesday

This is linked in with HAZEL's Winter Wednesday

  What I love about Winter

The days are still creating wonderful reflections on the river, this is the view from my lounge room window at home.

Hardenbergia in flower climbing over my balcony.

My bed, I have a lovely woollen doona that only get used in winter and its so snug and warm and feels wonderful.

Snuggling down to read a book you've been hanging to read.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Alphabet Challenge G

Grey haired granny: yep folks that's me!
Gecko Moon:

Gorge 1: Karijini Western Australia

Gorge 2: Karajini

Gail Page: my favourite female singer

Gollywog: From my collection

Geometry: My DH's Amish quilt.

Glass water bottle

Game: You'd have to be game to get up there!

Gate: at the Callington Flour Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

Golly Gee, more Golly dollies.

Grid: I'm always looking for unusual ways to take a picture.

Gorgeous Gerbera: in this year's anniversary bouquet.

Garden: my friends, Jude and Michelle's beautiful garden.

Giraffe: on my very photographed art smock.

Grapes: I grew them myself and although they are tasty table grapes, I let the birds get most of them this year as I couldn't reach the 3 metre height they'd grown to to put on the nets.

Gazania: these are weeds down at the shack. They are everywhere!

Green People: a performance piece at a protest rally I attended.

Gumboots: very cute!

Grevillea: looks like a toothbrush

Gate: Very ornate (Hobart)

Grill: from a Austin A30

Gumboots Galore

Gargoyle: found in my friend's garden.

Gumboots again: cute as well!

Graffiti: in a back alley of Launceston

Grevillea: with the morning dew still on it.

Grasshopper: on my kitchen bench

Gorge: Cataract Gorge, Launceston Tas, note how different the landscape is from the Karajini Gorges. This is 2 minutes fron the city centre.

Gazebo: in the city park, Launceston, Tasmania

Galvanised iron shed with geometric shapes.

Graveyard: This is across the river at Windermere, Tasmania

Gap in the rocks.

Galahs and Gulls

Galah gobbling grass.

Guitarist: This fellow ex-Tasmanian is Phil Manning and a great guitarist.

Garden Seat: This is in my last garden in the grounds of an old church that we renovated and lived in.

Grin: this bloke is a street performer, swallowing swords and such.

Gaol: the old Fremantle gaol in Western Australia, no longer used as such.

Gate: another gorgeous gate, an entrance to a large garden, Launceston.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

How the Weekend Panned Out

The two column apples were planted

as was Camelia Sasanqua Yuletide

The carport got its laser light roofing on
We were treated to another beautiful sunset

Sunday morning my DH was putting a big metal circle into the side of the carport as he decided it needed bracing. It's going to look amazing when finished.

My lovely smooth roses were potted up until I get the garden ready for them to be put into the ground. There are 14 of them.  I also transplanted a lilac and a magnolia stellata from my garden at home but I forgot to photograph them.  Hopefully they will be ok.
Now I am taking some time out to look at the view. I will never get tired of looking at the bay. In all weather, it offers something new. Waves crashing over the dunes sometimes, other days the bay is like a mirror. From my lounge window I can see a little black dog that must live in a house behind the dunes. At least once a day he comes running between the dunes onto the beach, has a quick swim before going off home. He or she is always alone. It always makes me smile.