Thursday, 26 March 2015

Nightfall on the Water Front

Taken in the blue hour after sunset. Looking across Victoria Dock

This is a steam driven merry-go-round was created in 1885.

A popular drinking establishment, Knopwood's Retreat was named after Rev Knopwood who was in Hobart in its foundation years.

This is the Young Endeavour which came in late for the Wooden Boat Festival due to wild weather which caused some damage and ill sailors.

The fountain in Franklin Square.

Hobart Post Office.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Wooden Boat Festival Time Again

It is always a joy to me to come out and enjoy the wooden boats. There is something in my heart that says "I'd love to have one" but then my brain kicks in saying "Too much like hard work to maintain". So here are my selection of pictures for the lovers of the wooden boat and a special tribute to the dedicated people who tend, care and love them enough to make sure they are still around for us to admire. Thanks! :-)
First came the Parade of Sail

More next time....