Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sights Along The Derwent From the Rhona H

The Docks at Hobart

Heading on up the Derwent River

Passed Government House

Under the Tasman Bridge

Bedlam Caves on the Eastern Shore, near Geilston Bay

The MONA ROMA which takes visitors to MONA

The remains of an old boiler that blew up in January 1912.

Boat sheds on the river

The Bridgewater bridge that wouldn't open to let us through due to the high winds that we were experiencing.

A stately home on the banks at Granton

The Bowen Bridge which was so low it was a close call going under. (the mast had already been lowered a bit so we could get through)

Nystar Zinc works us a very ugly site unless you photograph it at night or isolate certain interesting parts and enhance.

Back towards the city.

Windsurfer zipping along at Lindisfarne.

Saturday, sail race day on the river.

Caught up with the Lady Nelson where the bearded wonder was crewing, taking out the tourists on a trip down the Derwent in the opposite direction to our trip.

Ahh, there he is... up the usual.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Autumn in the Derwent Valley

A trip to Plenty to visit the Salmon Ponds


Part of the Derwent Valley
 Autumn is a very special time in some parts of this valley as there is an even of nature commonly called "The Turning of the Fagus" which is a deciduous Beech. It is Tasmania's ONLY native deciduous tree and people come from all over to witness it as it turns from green to yellow, rust, to red. Its just beautiful.