Monday, 24 March 2014

Creative Woodbridge

While exploring Woodbridge last week, I stumbled upon what looked like a community arts project. Being a lover of shape, pattern and texture, I couldn't resist capturing it.

         And then I find art in other odd things.
Looks like a face to me

Fossils in the rock

Faces where you don't expect

Even the hand carved graffiti has a certain charm

Found in someone's garden

The roof trusses at the cafe at Grandvewe Cheesery

Tea caddies stacked up.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Choofing Off Down the Channel

Yesterday's adventure was down the D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Just past Kettering is this lovely little bay called Trial Bay.

Such a lovely place to cool the feet in the clear, clean water.

Even the weeds looked good.

The ferry that services Bruny Island and leaves from Kettering.

On every photographic outing, I take a pic of a gumleaf. I don't usually put them on here but I liked the fact that this one was floating in the clear water.

Some were taking advantage of the perfect sailing conditions.

Other yachts stayed on their moorings.

The Poplars were just beginning to change into their autumn colours here at Woodbridge.

Paddling for boy and bird alike.

The picnic area was right on the water's edge.

An interesting sculptural feature on the park bench.

The winding path round the water's edge took us past some farmland.

Hawthorn leaves and berries (imported originally from Britain and have gone feral down here)

A crooked stairway.

The Woodbridge jetty, a couple of minutes later a huge motorised catamaran tied up here to allow the tourists to have lunch at the local Peppermint Bay Restaurant.

Looking in a shop window.

An old petrol bowser.

Ornate feature on the verandah of a lovely old home.

Spotted this cute shed in someone's backyard.
Then we traveled to Birches Bay to the Grandvewe Sheep Cheesery. This is where the middle eastern dairy sheep sleep.

The dogs at Grandvewe had obviously had a hard day.