Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Promise of an Early Spring

Here it is with 1 month to go before Spring officially hits and my daffodils are flowering. We have had some warm temperatures this week. Hope I am not speaking too soon.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

More Encounters

Today we had a visit from the 3rd whale this week. This one was 100 metres from my house and came in near the shore quite close. It seemed to be curious about the humans as we were about him. He had loads of barnacles on his body, so wasn't the prettiest whale in the ocean. Its amazing to have them around as you can hear them breathing.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Whales and Out and About in the Snow

Over the last couple of evenings we have had a whale turn up in our small bay which is thrilling for us to be able to be sitting in our lounge room and watch a whale blowing 300mtrs away. Last evening another appeared (or it could have been the same one doing a revisit) and this time it was just on dusk and getting too dark for me to photograph. This time it spent quite some time tail slapping and groaning which was audible from the shore. 
My neighbour, Robert Todd photographed it though as he has a camera far superior to mine. We woke this morning and it was gone. 
Today unfortunately our plan was to leave home and the sea and head inland as my grand children were visiting and had never seen snow and as I could see snow on Mt Wellington in the distance, we decided to drive to the pinnacle so the kids could have a play.

Later we drove to the town of Cygnet were we enjoyed a very late lunch at a lovely restaurant called the Red Velvet Lounge. Picture is from their website.

   When we left there we then drove to Woodbridge to a Fruit Tree farm to pick up a "Catshead" apple, a "Moorpark" apricot and a "Fantasia" Nectarine. These will be planted in my garden here with the hopes of supplying us with fruit for the coming years.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Where the Beach Roars

While waiting on the edge of the canal at Dunalley, a lovely boat came past breaking up the reflections.

Pelicans at Taranna

A very crooked jetty at Carnarvon Bay

Still waters here, not a roaring beach here.

A murder of crows

An interesting shelter from the rain when having morning tea outside.

Divine looking strawberries for morning tea.
and then the roaring began,

one wave after another,

leaving art in the sand,

I loved the rocks,

even ones that looked like tombstones.

A necklace from the sea,

even the birds came out for a look

at the waves crashing into the cliffs

where the rocks looked like crocodile skin.
and lunch was had at Lucky Ducks.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Out in the Country

Chook in the church yard


This old shed's walls are clad with flattened out kerosene tins.

Homemade hinges

Back country graffiti made with a shotgun instead of a spray can.

Craigbourne Dam

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Little Bit of History

I visited the history room at Colebrook recently and these are some of the treasures I discovered. Some of you might recognise some of the items.

Beautiful beading on an old handbag.

Milk glass light shade.

Candle holders (I think)

An example of the exquisite handwriting of the day.