Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Historic Richmond

About 35 minutes from home and nestled in the Coal River Valley, this classified historic town is famous for its Georgian architecture. It contains Australia’s oldest freestone road bridge, the oldest Roman Catholic Church and the best preserved convict gaol. Some of the stone buildings now house galleries, teashops, craft boutiques and museums. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Don't ask me why these numbers were in this yard but they tickled my interest.

St John's Church 1837

Gorgeous Autumn foliage clinging to an old building.

In the church yard

Outside the old gaol.

The hard and the soft

St Luke's Anglican Church (1834)

Tasmanian Devil (not real) adorning the lawn outside the emporium.
This strange bike was outside an antique shop
This old country home appealed to me when I spotted it in the distance.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Nice Day in New Norfolk

New Norfolk is a lovely town 40 minutes upsteam on the Derwent River from Hobart. Autumn is the loveliest time to visit.

Poplars are very popular here.

New Norfolk has a precinct called Willow Court which was an old insane asylum. Information about it can be found here and here. This large soldier was standing guard in a window of the administration block.

I wonder if this bus was used to take inmates out on excursions.

This is a door that was probably used in one of the cells. It was about 10cm thick.

Part of an old wagon wheel.

I spotted this hanging in one of the windows.
Someone has left their mark, perhaps about the way the people were treated here.

More photos of New Norfolk (Autumn 2013) are here

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Adventure on the Doorstep

Today our adventure took us close to my home but alas I don't have a telephoto lens and missed getting shots of a seal that was fishing nearby, however I captured other things that too my eye. Boating on the bay is very common especially on lovely calm days like it was today.

A juvenile Pacific Gull.

The quaint boat sheds.

Shacks on the hill overlooking the boat ramp.

Drying her wings after a bout of fishing. (Australian Salmon were running today)

Water craft of all shapes and sizes.

Native bluebells which hadn't been seen here for many years before the bushfire but after, they are flourishing.

Looking over to Lime Bay which is on the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula isn't the only place where there are Tesselated Pavements, we have our own version here.

and the biggest sea shells that I have ever seen in Tasmania

Oyster Catchers

Even the weeds look pretty.