Thursday, 28 July 2011

Alphabet Challenge .................M

Mmmm: Mutti, this is yummy

Motorbike: All the pretty bikes all in a row.

Manta Ray: When I was in WA last year this manta ray was hanging out in Coral Bay.

Muttonbirds: They fly from Siberia to the Bass Strait islands every year to have their babies. Mutton birding is a Tasmanian Aboriginal cultural activity.

Massive mammal: This humpback whale was spotted off WA.

Massive mammals in the bay near my shack

Maggie: My grand - daughters' dog.

Moon: I was thrilled to bits to get a picture of the moon using my new camera, without using a tripod and have the craters show up.

Mamie doll from my collection

Mast: from a modern yacht and one from an old tall ship.

Millionaire Moored: This privately owned boat was tied up in Hobart! Blimey!

Mirrors, my front entrance, (oops don't look to closely at the dust) and one in the bathroom.

Material: I have a top made from this.

Motor (or part there of) from a motorbike.


Morning mist over the river and below, evening mist over the fields.

Mag Wheels (had to ask Roger as I didn't know what they were called)

Masks: Performer at Salamanca Market (above)

Mobiles: for sale at the market.

Mushroom: or is it a toadstool?

Mandarin from my garden.

Moisture: Melted frost on a Rock Rose

Macaque Monkey: one of many at Launceston's City Park.

Muscovy Ducks at City Park

Monkey Bars: at my school where I teach Kinders and Preps.

Milestone: At Low Head

Mummified apples: still hanging in there even though all the leaves are long gone.

M plus a bit extra: Public art at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston

Machinery: from an old train (I think)

Mosaic: this is part of a giant spider at Burnie, Tasmania

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

Alphabet Challenge.......................L

L wood Blues: OK I know it's Elwood but I forgot him when I did the E's

Lugger:  This pearl lugger was spotted when I was at Broome last year.

Lavender Coral gardens at Coral Bay in WA.

Luna Park: Melbourne, I have such fond memories of this place from when I used to live in Melbourne in 1970.

Luna Park: Sydney, I have never been inside this one.

Languid lady: She is one of 2 Deco bookends. I do love them.

Lester: Meet Lester, my ventroquist dummy. He comes to school with me and the kids love him, especially when he has to sit on the time-out seat for calling out.

Liquid Amber: Planted at my former house, which, by the way was a renovated church.

Lupins: from my garden. I love these cottagey favourites

Lady of the Lake: One of the dolls in my collection.

Laneway: Behind Salamanca place with Kelly Steps in the background.

Letterbox: in the historical town of Richmond, Tasmania.

Lock: on one of the cells in the old Richmond Gaol.

My grandmother, 8 generations back who was named Mary, came to Australia on the First Fleet as a convict. She spent a few years in prison on Norfolk Island, for “borrowing” horse to get the doctor, when her friend was in labour. When she gained her freedom, she married William, who was also on the First Fleet as a free settler and a shipwright. Their story was written in a book called “The Convict and the Carpenter” On my visit to the early convict gaol, in Richmond, Tasmania, I looked into the women’s cell and saw these leg irons, I thought of Mary.

Lock: another at the Richmond Gaol

Lavender: complete with hardworking bee.

Lollies: I do love the odd lolly or three occassionally.

Lilies: The perfume is so fantastic.

Lead crystal: This vase used to sit on mum's mantlepiece when I was a child and one day I knocked it off (through chucking stuff around the room) and before it hit the hearth I was crying, expecting to get into so much trouble. The vase hit the terrazzo hearth and bounced into the fire and back out on the hearth.  I picked it up and looked at it and there wasn't even a chip on it. I put it back onto the mantlepiece and mum was none the wiser. When she died, my sister insisted that I take the vase as a reminder of that day.

Lighthouse at Lowhead on the corner of the Tamar River and the open sea.

Lichen: I'm likin' this lichen a lot as it sits on a rock in a very moist and shady graveyard. Makes great patterns and in my younger days I would have scraped it off the rocks and used it to dye wool but these days I just appreciate it when it is.

Leaf: in city park, Launceston.

Leaves: varying Maple leaves.

Lino: this is my bathroom and kitchen floor lino. I have a bit of a thing for textures and pattern as you will discover by checking out my photos in the future.

Light: Bathroom

Love in the Mist: My husband has another name for it: $#@% in the Fog. Oops!

Lotus Pod: for some reason, these really appeal to me, its may be the texture thing again.

Ladybird: Fridge magnet

Lisianthus: I have always liked them but I don't think they grow in Tassy. This one was in a bouquet Roger bought me.

Lemon Verbena: From my garden

I was waiting for Roger at the local hardware store then I heard a hullabulloo from an apple tree over the fence. I looked up and saw many of these lorikeets munching the apples. I managed to zoom in on these fellows.

Lemons: This setting was on a verandah of a country home where they were having an apple festival ( it is Tasmania, after all). It was where they were serving afternoon tea. Very pretty!

Leibovitz: An accomplished photographer, whose work I admire.

Lavender Lady: Spotted this doll at the Salamanca Market.

Leather: This embossed leather was the cover of a book. Beautiful, I think.

Leucodendron: from my garden

Lavender Bay: It's not really, its the Tamar river, just outside my window. I arrived home, one Sunday evening at sunset and this boat was just mooring and as we don't have flash boats tie up here like that often, I snapped this pic. It wasn't till I put it onto the computer did I realize the lavender hue the sun bathed everything in.
Lean: This headstone has quite a lean through many decades of neglect and the photo below has an intended lean as its street art. Taken at the bottom end of Collins Street, Hobart, Tas