Saturday, 27 August 2011

Alphabet Challenge..........................T

Turtle: swimming around Coral Bay, WA.

Turtle Mosaic: At Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

Tipped over:  On Primrose Beach.. It was great to see how the community came together to help get this boat upright.

Twilight: Over Primrose, the setting sun is reflecting in the windows.

Thinking: one of my Japanese figures.

Teeth: found this jaw and I use this for the children to sketch.

Thistle: or maybe artichoke

Telephone: From my red collection.

Tomato: In summer I grow loads of these.  This was a volunteer, so no idea what variety.

Tomato Blossom:  This, I discovered last March growing 3 and a half metres high. It had climbed up the side of the house, onto the balcony railing and was mixed in with my Hardenbergia. Unfortunately, my DH pulled it out about April, I was hoping to follow its progress to see how far through Autumn or Winter it would survive.

Thistle-down: Every gardener's curse.

Teapot: Every serious tea drinker has a favourite pot, and this is mine. Earl Grey is my favourite brew.

Triangle: on the Batman Bridge over the Tamar River.

Trees: a collection

Trees at twilight
Tired: Hagrid, my sister's dog, having a rest.

Three plus three

Tiles: Wavy green for interest in the bathroom.

Turret: or belfry, it's on the St Matthias Church, Windermere.

Thorns: I managed to squeeze another rose picture in.

Tanks: These water tanks collect the water from the roof of my classroom and its used to flush the toilets.

Tulips: in a bouquet from Roger, for looking after him when he wasn't well. (what else was I going to do!)

Toys: at the market.
Teddies: I spotted these in the hallway of my friend's house.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Alphabet Challenge..............................S..............Part 2

Salvia: Pink and purple

Shed: Love this dilapidated old one at Forcett, Tasmania

Skylight: in the Bahai centre in Hobart

Seahorse: Over a seafood restaurant on the docks of Hobart.

Sign and seagulls: on the docks, Hobart.

Scarves at the market.

Spoons: turned into a mobile

Silverware: at the market.

Sparkley Spirals at the market

Soaps: for sale

Streetscape: Outside the Hobart Town Hall

Stairs: inside the Hobart Town Hall

Spikey: Nasty and nice (below)

Sunshine: over my neighbourhood.

Spiky Bridge:  Tassie has several convict built spiky bridges. This one is just south of Launceston.

Seagull Standing on a deserted jetty down the road from my house.

Silos: Which is on the river's edge at Launceston and houses a restaurant and art gallery.

Scales: in the train museum

Stop! Public Art at the museum and art gallery, Launceston.

Spiral: at the art gallery

Sheep: happily munching at Lowhead.

Sunset: taken from the deck of my shack.

Stamen: from a camellia out of my garden.

Smiley-face stickers: Necessary for every early childhood teacher.

Skipping rope: one of students brought it to school and I loved the colours.

Slinky: Confiscated from a child for the purposes of this photo.

Spoons on my kitchen bench.

Stripes: on the lighthouse at Devonport. Tas

Sculpture: at Tiagara, Devonport

Ship sailing into the Mersey River at Devonport.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Seashore at the shack. My shack is on the right of the houses in the pic.

Hamelin Pool is one of only three places on Earth where you can see living marine stromatolites. (The other two places are in the Bahamas.) Stromatolites are found in Hamelin Pool because its water is twice as salty as normal seawater. Few predators and competitors can survive these conditions, allowing the microbes to flourish and form stromatolites much as they did billions of years ago. Link:

Swan River Sprawling Slum: Not my idea of desirable living.

Seat in the garden of my former home.