Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lake Pedder and The Valley of the Giants

Lake Peddar in the South West of Tasmania is a stunning sight. It is now dammed to provide hydro electricity. During the early 1970's there was a battle to save the lake from being flooded. Below is a picture of what is used to look like. As beautiful as it originally was, the dammed version is stunning as well. Above is just a fifth of the beautiful panorama.

Coral Lichen

Button grass

The Gordon Dam

Snow Berries

Trigger plant

Into the Styx forest to the land of the giants (trees). Magnificent is all I can say.

The Styx River

There will be more from the Styx Valley coming up soon as it was so beautiful we made another trip back.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Urban Exploration

Hobart has a rivulet that runs from the mountain down to the Derwent River and some of it goes under the city. This is just an example of the tunnels that the rivulet takes. I would like to explore further the go from its source to its running out into the Derwent. It has become a canvas for street art.

Tools of the graffiti artist's  trade.
I found a very old horse shoe
Even nature was trying to survive in this forgotten place.