Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tickled Pink

I have had some of my photographs turn up in strange places like Google images and even had one turn up on a Russian blogsite, so I am now going to watermark them, hopefully to stop them being taken. I hope that doesn't distract you from the image too much. If you would like to give me your opinion, I would be most grateful.

I kind of cheat whenever I put flowers up because I can guarantee they will always look beautiful. Funny thing is, I am astounded at how many pink flowers I have in my garden. I am NOT a pink kinda girl but they don't look too bad here.        Well, this last one is an experiment: I was playing with pink straws and the sunlight. Interesting effect I think.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge...............Z

Zygocactus: These were a gift from the retiring teacher whose room I took over.

Zippers:  Turned into a pencil case.

Zac: My friends, Chris and Gewndolyn's little dog.


Well, there you are, I have finally got to the end. Stay tuned for the rest of the year as I explore some more themes. Thanks for sticking with me through this. I have had fun.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge..............Y.................

Yo-Yos: some of you may remember the yo-yo crazes that we because enthralled with in our youth.

Yacht: This was in a race called the Three Peaks Race.

Yarn: I visited a weaving studio and these yarns were luring me to get my loom out again.

Yellow:  Public art at the Queen Victoria Museum and art gallery.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge.........................X................

X's at an outdoor art gallery at Salamanca

Xylophone: One of the instruments from the school music room.

X-rays: yes they are of bits of me!

Xmas decoration: 

 Short and sweet......................bye.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge...........................W...................

Waratah: One of my favourite flowers. Today, I planted a Shady Lady at the shack.

Whale: Over the years I have seen many, many whales, but the thrill never diminishes for me. This one was a humpback, swimming of the coast of north west Western Australia.

Washing machine: inside of mine.

Wringer: from the past.

Washing machine from the past also, found in the old Richmond gaol.

Woven: part of my basket.

Weaver:  from my doll collection.

Windmill at Oatlands, Tasmania

Wall: convict built at Oatlands.

White Lily

Wind flower: from my garden.

Weathered: This old wooden fence is at Campbell Town and if you look closely you can see the effects of the weather on the timber.

Wind Generator: The local supermarket has three in their carpark to reduce their power bills.

Wizard:  One of my fridge magnets.

Wool: Handspun and dyed and just inviting me to drag out my needles.

Windows: in the conservatory in the Launceston City Park.

Water droplet: on my broccoli plant.

Wasp: not swimming very well.

Whirligig: a closeup on one at the market.

Weighing device:  at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

Wrought Iron: in the graveyard at Windemere.

Windswept: at the Bluff Lighthouse at Devonport.

Wineglass Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania

Waterfall: can't remember where.

Wisteria: Growing over the patio of our previous home, which by the way was an old church building on the river bank.

Waiting to be let in: Asia by the sliding glass doors.

Whirlpool Reach: Taken from the Batman Bridge over the Tamar River.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Day with Zoe

It's school holidays here in Tasmania and it the time I get to spend with my grand-daughter, Zoe, who is 6 and as bright as a button.  I had no sooner picked her up today, when I decided I needed to drive through her town to buy paper for my printer. I was driving along a street and I had an accident.  I had a collision with an elderly gentleman in a motorised scooter totally enclosed in a canopy. I don't know who was at fault, but it made me feel sick to think I had hurt him. An ambulance came for him even though he didnt want it and the paramedics decided, that seeing that he had hurt his hip and he had none at home to help him, that they would take him to hospital.  He had lost his hearing aid on the road and the cars had smashed it to pieces. Luckily there were people there to help get his scooter upright but it wouldn't start so the men carried it off the road. The police came and I made a statement and then after an hour I was free to go. I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach which I couldn't shake. Zoe was bright and bubbly and asked if I was still going to take her to see the seahorses at Seahorse World. So that's where we went. It was good to have some time with her, taking my mind off what had happened earlier in the day.  Here are some of the photos I took today.

Tails linked is like holding hands

Leafy Sea Dragon

You looking after my babies in there, Eric!

Jelly fish that glow in the dark.

Cuthbert the Cuttlefish.

A spotty sting ray

I found Nemo!

I am hoping tomorrow has a better outcome than today. We are spending 3 nights down at the shack so we shall see.