Thursday, 24 July 2014

Round Tasman Island

On the shortest day, we experienced the most delightful weather which was just as well as we were going on a boat trip from Pirate's Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania down the coast and a circumnavigation of Tasman Island and return.

Jetty at Pirate's Bay

I watched a couple of cormorants dive for fish while waiting for the boat.

We passed a cheeky seal who gave us a wave.

The Tasman Arch

These are my favourite rocks down this way. Its called Cape Huay.

There was a lot of action in the sea and the air. Birds and dolphins were feasting on a school of fish.

Sea caves were plentiful.

The purple algae on the rocks was striking

Another sea cave.

The trees manage to grow on sheer cliffs.

Rock sculptures are prevelant

A New Zealand fur seal basking in the sun. This one is a pup. Its much bigger mum was nearby.

The sea cliffs are the tallest in the southern hemisphere

This is the Tasman Island lighthouse and one of the 3 houses which sit on this rock of the coast of south east Tasmania.

More amazing looking rocks.

On our return we came upon the place where the dolphins had been feasting earlier and now the pod of about 30 had full tummies and were delighting us with lots of play around the boat. They were very curious about us and kept popping up to check us out.

Then back to Pirate's Bay

Where the blowhole hardly had any blow in it as it was such a calm day.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Exploration into Light Painting

Recently I was lucky enough to be included in a light painting workshop. It was a freezing evening on the beach but I learned a lot. It was a lot of fun. The blue ones were made with a toy light sabre.


Glow sticks

Angle grinder

                       The beach at night.