Saturday, 16 April 2016

From Don Heads to The Great LakesI

This window at Don Heads captured my interest.

Visited the charming village of Sheffield the week before the big Mural Festival so the town was somewhat quiet. There is a superb shop that make hand crafted glass marbles and other beautiful glassware. Here the fellow is busy creating something.

The outside of the Marble Shop.

Just along the road was another interest footpath display.

Beautiful Mt Roland behind Sheffield

Stopped at Deloraine for a lunch break beside the Meander River

We then headed up into the high country and this panorama shows off the views to the east.

Some of the flora of the highlands

The Great Lake is currently the great puddle. With global warming, the rainfall has dropped to drought conditions and the lake is lower than its ever been. Tasmania has its Hydro electric power generated from the waters from this lake and we are currently in dire straits due to the lack of water. If only we had a government who could actually look further forward than the next election and make sure we have alternative power sources. The sun shines a lot down here and we are an island in the roaring 40's so perhaps we could look at wind power or tidal power. Common people, its not rocket science!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Devonport in March

Headed to the Bluff inn Devonport to photograph the moon rise but miscalculated the time but caught a wonderful sunset instead.

The path to Don Heads

The lighthouse at the Bluff from Don Heads.