Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Back roads to Bothwell Part 2

A example of the cottages which are common in this town.

The town had lovely, well kept gardens both public and private.

Detail on the Castle hotel which is the 3rd oldest continuously run pub in Australia.

I enjoy photographing in old grave yards.

The Hawthorn hedges were flowering beautifully.

Bothwell is well known for its wool sheep and has a spinners and weavers festival each year. The lambs were having a great time climbing on the haystack and jumping off again.

The old bootmaker's shop.

Taking the girls out.

Loads of quaint old sheds were about.
The whole town taken from Mt Adelaide which is no more than a bit of a mound.

The old Priory, which is now an accommodation venue.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Back Roads to Bothwell Trip Part 1

Bothwell, Tasmania is a small town with a population at the 2006 census of 376.[1] Situated in central Tasmania on the River Clyde, it is notable for hunting and being a lake district.
For some years after 1848, Bothwell was the place of exile of the Irish nationalist leaders John Mitchel and John Martin; their lodging Nant Cottage still stands.
Bothwell is home to the oldest golf course in Australia, Ratho, which was built in the mid-1850s.
Bothwell Post Office opened on 1 June 1832.[2]
This was also the site of a radio telescope, built in the 1960s, in nearby Dennistoun, by one of the pioneers of radio astronomy, Grote Reber.  Wikipedia.
The Derwent River on the way to Bothwell. We were lucky to have such a still day.

The stillness at New Norfolk resulted in some stunning reflections

Mother duck had 9 of these gorgeous fluff balls by the banks of the river.

Lots of undulations on the road less traveled.

An empty farmhouse on this lush farm. You can see by the lichen growing on the fence, that the air down here is very fresh and clean as lichen will not grow unless it is.

The prevailing westerly winds shape the trees

Even the weeds looked lovely against the lush greenness.

This area which is usually brown and dry, looks beautiful surrounded by water and greenery.

Dead trees are scattered across the landscape looking like wonderful sculptures.

and then in Bothwell, a large church. There were three that I found there and with such a small population, I must say I was rather surprised.

The buildings were remarkable well kept, I noticed as the town looks like they take pride in there surroundings. This shed however looks like it has some structural problems.  More pics coming soon.