Saturday, 22 June 2013

I've Been Well and Truly MOFOed!

 Tasmania used to shiver and hibernate during the cold, cold winter but not this year. They are out and about in their thousands celebrating that winter solstice. For the past week, Hobart has been in the midst of the Dark Mofo festival. Tonight, I felt the need to get out amongst it and I must add although the intention was to take some photographs and have dinner the the mid winter feast, the crowds made up my mind very quickly that it was a quick in and around for pictures only and that dinner could be an Indian take-away on the way home. Its been such a long time since I went out that I had forgotten how much I dislike crowds. Anyway here are the photos, I fought my way through the throngs to achieve. 

The casino from the pinnacle of Mt Wellington.

The Hotel Grand Chancellor and the waterfront.

Laser light show.

The beautiful Lenna all aglow.

A light maze

Looking pretty, wonder how they tasted.

The Spectra light from Mt Wellington.

The atmosphere was warm and cosy even though it was only 4 degrees. There were people gathered around fires everywhere.

Salamanca Place

The fires were inviting. Shame all the spots were taken and this cold arse just had to snap it on the way passed.

Melbourne isn't the only place that has flashes of fire every hour.

The roof of lights over the festival apron.
As I was walking past this shop on the way back to the car, these glass plates took my fancy. And finally is the hot air balloon titled "Skywhale". By the way, the bearded wonder nicknamed it the Hindenboob. Unfortunately, I was unable to be there for this but Roger T Wong has captured it beautifully.

 Just as an aside, as part of the festival, at dawn this morning 650 people tossed off their clothes and jumped into the Derwent River for the soltice swim. 
Braver or nuttier than me, that's for sure. I was snuggled in my nice warm bed till so there will be no photos of them.


  1. Fabulous photo's Deb! Martin so wanted to see the lights and experience Dark MOFO but we have to limit petrol costs etc and we had been up to town to see Martha Wainwright the previous week.
    May I copy your photo of the Spectra light for his computer? Cheers


  2. I'm with you - I hate crowds, so miss out on a lot of lovely stuff like that!! Thanks for sharing the images!!