Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cornelian Bay and GASP

I'm always looking for new places to walk the dog and yesterday I decided to try out Cornelian Bay in Hobart. I have driven past here for 50 years without ever driving in to have a look and finally I got to see its charms. An alternative view of the Tasman Bridge, gorgeous, quaint boat houses and a cemetery with a great view. Django and I enjoyed our walk immensely.

Further on down the road there are these colourful walkways over water, that I have been dying to walk on to check out this area. Today was going to be the day. Those who know me, understand my love of colour and pattern, thats why this appealed to me.

There certainly was a GASP when I found out I wasn't permitted to take the dog for a walk on the walkway. I'm a responsible dog owner who's dog is on his lead when appropriate and I always carry poo bags, so you can imagine my disappointment. I popped him back into the car for a couple on minutes while I took these photos. Next time I will explore further without him. Its a shame as it would have been a lovely walk.  GASP by the way stands for Glenorchy Arts & Sculpture Precinct.

And what is this?  On the way home, I passed the top of a building at the race track. Interesting?