Friday, 24 June 2011

On My Mind

Today I am getting ready to go down to my shack for the weekend. Some of you may know, that is where my DH and I intend to move to in a year or two when we get ourselves established.  We are setting it up in a permaculture fashion, give or take.  We have been building and renovating, putting in water tanks as we wont be connected to town water just relying on the rain (it is Tassie but one of the drier parts), and building fences. Very soon we will have the carport and the driveway finished and we can spend time getting the garden established. 

Well sometimes things pop up that make you prioritise your list of jobs and that happened this week.  My husband regularly looks on Gumtree (classifieds online) just to see if there is anything useful being offered, when he came upon an ad for 2 three year old column apple trees for $10 each. He is addicted to apples and seeing that they were situated 500mtrs from our house we had to have them. They are being planted this weekend. I have another 7 espalier apples arriving in the next month or so. 
                                    pic from Google images

Also I have just been pruning all my roses here at home and after having my hands and arms ripped to shred by thorns I vowed that ONLY smooth roses would be planted at the beach house. So I will be planting 14 of them over the weekend.
Pic from Google Images
I culled 2 of my old hens tonight and they are coming as well to be buried in the apple tree holes.    
I hope I don't get too distracted as last weekend there were 2 whales in the bay so maybe some whale watching might be in order if we get another visit. 

                           From Rhonda's blog:

Have a lovely weekend everyone :-}


  1. OH WOW! Wales in viewing range would definitely be a HUGE distraction for my Husband and I as we both LOVE wild life watching.

  2. What another busy weekend for you.. I love roses and if they have no thorns I love them all the more.. can't wait to see some piccies of your shack :-)

  3. OMG Deb, you sound like my kindred spirit. When reading your recent “What’s on my mind blog”, I got goose bumps because last weekend I pruned all my roses and ended up with an infected thumb from a thorn and swore to get rid of the roses after years of a love hate relationship. They are going but they don’t know it yet and being replaced with Australian natives. Also I have recently retired (more accurately made redundant) I’m 54 and was hoping to work a bit longer, so it’s been a struggle but I am getting more and more into retirement mode. My in-laws were born and breed in Tassie and currently live in Prospect Vale and they had the most amazing self-sufficient property before they finally had to admit the work was too much. What else do we have in common? Not so long ago I did an interview to myself on my blog and I talked about being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole and on top of all that we are both Piscean.
    Have a wonderful retirement and I’m sure all your dreams will come true. Do you realise how much of a rewarding and spiritual experience you had viewing that whale. OMG. I will be coming back to visit you – mark my words!!!!!!

  4. Oh apple trees are a great thing. I love all mine. I am so excited about your whales you are very lucky I would so be distracted. B

  5. Thanks Buttons. I've seen loads of whales from time to time here in Tasmania and WA but never before from my loungeroom.