Thursday, 16 May 2013

I Went On An Adventure Today

I went into a dark, dark forest.

Passed a still river.

I saw moss dripping in water, feeding the fungi.

I saw a hole in an old tree and wondered what was inside.

Under the canopy of tree ferns, I found a strange growth.

Then I heard the water rushing, I walked around the corner in the path and there it was. Beautiful Russell Falls.


  1. Beautiful photos of a magical forest

  2. There now, I thought it was National Park as soon as you showed the first picture - nice pictorial narrative going there Deb. My favourite place, but a lot more regulated than it was when I was a kid which I guess is necessary but takes a lot of the fun out of it (like running in behind the falls and finding the hollowed out bit there .)

  3. Lovely photographs of a beuatiful place!