Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Demise of My Favourite Tree

Remember this tree:
This beautifully symetrical and photogenic tree was snapped by many photographers.
Here, Jodie Richardson captures it at twilight.
              and Robert Todd snaps it at sunset.

Then in January, the bush fires went through and my lovely tree didn't come through unscathed.
           Unfortunately it lost some limbs.

Imagine how I felt when I drove passed it today to discover that it had been chopped down. 
I wonder if the other photographers will feel as sad as I do over the demise of our beloved tree.
As a postscript, Robert Todd wrote the following:

Ode to an old friend.

oh old tree, laying in pieces down in the field,
we will remember you, when you stood tall,
not covered in leaves, no none at all !
just grace of your old branches shooting up
into the blue sky and standing so tall.


  1. We have a tree that has featured in quite a few of my photos but it will be knocked down soon and used for firewood as it is dropping large branches now and has become a hazard for our cattle. It was the "lightning tree" as we actually saw it struck by lightning in a storm about a decade ago. Sad to remove our tree from the top of the hill and the eastern skyline as you are sad to see "yours" disappear but better than it causing the death of an animal or person.

  2. So sad Deb, but great that you and others have captured it in photos.