Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Whales and Out and About in the Snow

Over the last couple of evenings we have had a whale turn up in our small bay which is thrilling for us to be able to be sitting in our lounge room and watch a whale blowing 300mtrs away. Last evening another appeared (or it could have been the same one doing a revisit) and this time it was just on dusk and getting too dark for me to photograph. This time it spent quite some time tail slapping and groaning which was audible from the shore. 
My neighbour, Robert Todd photographed it though as he has a camera far superior to mine. We woke this morning and it was gone. 
Today unfortunately our plan was to leave home and the sea and head inland as my grand children were visiting and had never seen snow and as I could see snow on Mt Wellington in the distance, we decided to drive to the pinnacle so the kids could have a play.

Later we drove to the town of Cygnet were we enjoyed a very late lunch at a lovely restaurant called the Red Velvet Lounge. Picture is from their website.

   When we left there we then drove to Woodbridge to a Fruit Tree farm to pick up a "Catshead" apple, a "Moorpark" apricot and a "Fantasia" Nectarine. These will be planted in my garden here with the hopes of supplying us with fruit for the coming years.


  1. Wow, what stunning photos! You must be living in paradise Deb!

  2. We had a killer whale (orca) playing around our bay a couple of weeks ago too. The noise of the tail thumping the sea echoed across the bay, quite beautiful.
    I was just looking at some more of Robert Todd's photo's on the Aurora Australis Tasmania Facebook page. He certainly is dedicated. Did you see the aurora last night Deb?

    1. I have always wanted to see an Orca, if one came around here I would be beside myself. I have seen loads of whales over the years, humpbacks, southern right whales, pilot, but NEVER an ORCA!!!
      Robert's photos are great, he is in my photography group and I get to see loads of his aurora photos on that face book page. I don't bother trying because I know his camera is better than mine and I will be able to see his anyway. If you are on facebook Jan, perhaps we could become friends. My name is Deb Cameron and my avatar has a carton of a hippy kombi on it. I received loads of aurora alerts but didn't see that one as my house faces north west. Usually I jump in my car and go searching but last night it was too cold and my car was inaccessible due to my daughter's car being behind it and the kids were in bed. They are holidaying here till Saturday or Sunday.