Sunday, 7 July 2013

Where the Beach Roars

While waiting on the edge of the canal at Dunalley, a lovely boat came past breaking up the reflections.

Pelicans at Taranna

A very crooked jetty at Carnarvon Bay

Still waters here, not a roaring beach here.

A murder of crows

An interesting shelter from the rain when having morning tea outside.

Divine looking strawberries for morning tea.
and then the roaring began,

one wave after another,

leaving art in the sand,

I loved the rocks,

even ones that looked like tombstones.

A necklace from the sea,

even the birds came out for a look

at the waves crashing into the cliffs

where the rocks looked like crocodile skin.
and lunch was had at Lucky Ducks.


  1. Replies
    1. Dorothy, it's easy to make beautiful pictures when I live on such a beautiful island.

  2. Such a picturesque place to live Deb. Your photographs are so good... I particularly enjoyed the rocks and the sand art after the waves. You have a good eye :D)