Monday, 11 August 2014

Art, Nature and Features Around Hobart

Recently I journeyed around Hobart, visiting spots I hadn't been to before. I went up to the Domain and had a great view of the Organ Pipes on Kunyani (Mt Wellington)

and a great view over the Tasman Bridge.

There are some huge water reservoirs up at the Domain which are used as viewing platforms for the views. The graffiti artists have taken the great expanses of concrete and used it as their canvas.

Government House can be seen from up there.

A view of the River Derwent from up there and the sun shining on the Eastern shore.

My friend, Michelle jumping for joy into a puddle.

Duck warning...... this time at Cornelian Bay

A rainbow and rain clouds over the mountain from Tolossa Park.

Another reservoir, this time a haven for the birds.

More art work in the lunch shelter at the park.

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