Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sojourn To Mt Field

We haven't had much summer here this year, in fact we have had quite a bit of rain. So with the moisture and the heat, we headed to Mt Field to look for fungi to photograph. Not only did we find fungi (which I will spare you, this time), we found lots of other beautiful things. Above is a native orchid, a Chiloglottis.

Lovely mosses.

and verdant ferns sparkling with jewels of water.

Water droplets caught in a spider web.

The very pretty Russell Falls

The top of the falls, where the water runs over the edge.

Horseshoe Falls

I love this green, lush nature.

Looks like you'd expect to see a dinosaur appear.

We were very lucky to see the usually shy, platypus. He/she played (fed) for about 15 minutes allowing us to get some wonderful shots.

Beautiful new growth on the Fagus that changes in Autumn, turning the forests into shades of yellow, orange and red.

Dianella Tasmanica

The red of the waratah (Telopea truncata) which were blooming on the road to Lake Dobson by the dozen.

The famous Leatherwood (which gives our honey the most distinctive flavour)

The rare Richea dracophylla which only grows naturally, in a handful of places in the world

Another orchid (Caladenia vulgaris)

The snow line

an abandoned rail line at Westerway

and a pretty rainbow to snap on the way home.

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