Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

Bellerive, Hobart, Tasmania

Taken on the Hobart Rivulet Walk

I daresay these structures are to stop the logs from washing down the rivulet in the winter, when this runs fast after a big rain. A bit further down, the rivulet runs under the city of Hobart through a series of tunnels which have been a haven for grafitti artists. One day, I will go down and see if I can photograph in the tunnels.

I had 8 chickens hatch out this year. This one is called a Lavender Araucana.

Native Tasmanian orchid.

Some bugs from my vegie garden.

A crucifix orchid that I grew.
O'Grady Falls


Fern Spores

Tiny flowers on the Pipeline track

Fence out front of the old church at Ferntree.

Bugs from the Myrtle Forest.

Un-named trickle

Pelicans and geese at Granton


A little treasure from the Botanical Gardens

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