Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Future Proofing Our Lives.

Here is the bearded wonder is having the time of his life playing on the Dingo, filling up the garden beds with fertilised loanHe also had loads of blue metal to spread for the paths around the beds.
Here they are all filled, I've already planted several asparagus plants (that I got from home as they grow wild under the fruit trees in the orchard) Next time I go to visit my shack at the beach, I will plant spuds and sunflowers. The old swing sets you see in the picture are going to be recycled into a new hen house and run. So the shack is almost ready for us, all I have to do is win the Lotto so I can chuck in my job and move straight away or sell our home on the river and thats not even ready to go on the market yet! Just hanging out to go catch some fish for dinner off the beach.


  1. Love your raised garden beds. I've already said when we move to our shack all garden beds will be raised. Already I have trouble getting back up off the ground when I kneel down to weed.

  2. You have made a huge leap in your future security with all the things you are putting in place. Love the raised garden beds. I havn't seen them that shape before, but you won't have to stretch over as far.