Saturday, 15 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt - What happened at 6 o’clock? (morning or night, your choice)

My photos this week are of 6pm at various locations that I have been over the last fornight. I don't do mornings, so there will be NO 6am. pics. I don't think a pic of me or the bearded wonder sleeping would be at all interesting. This is the view from my living room window at home.

Last night at 6pm driving to the shack which on the opposite end of the island to home.

A fortnight ago when down at the shack, I took this photo from the front deck at 6pm.
Don't Forget:  Next week's photos are of something(s) on a shelf (any shelf or shelves) All contributers welcome.


  1. You've captured the very essence of beauty and colour in each of these photos Deb. You live in a glorious part of the world.

  2. Love your photos Deb! I also chose 6pm but had had good intentions of getting up this morning to take a photo of the eastern sky...but slept in :-( I might have to take photos of other people's shelves next week as all mine are untidy! lol

    1. Maria, I have a feeling that 'untidy' shelves have more personality!

  3. Thank you Deb for hosting this site. Love this challenge and look forward to more. Your evening photos on the quiet water are lovely and portray a real sense of peace and quiet. Very restful.

  4. Lovely pics deb. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  5. Your photos are just so beautiful. They should be used for advertising Tasmania to tourists! There is something special about sunsets over water.

  6. Gorgeous, Deb - the colours of evening light in each photo are so beautiful and each so different :D)