Monday, 1 October 2012

Cormorant Convention

On my usual drive along my road, I usually see half a dozen cormorants sitting on the jetty, but today I was astounded at the shear volume of them that had gathered. The usuals were sitting of the jetty and the others were sitting in the water or on the river edge, making a racket with the wing flapping and splashing. Unfortunately I wasn't armed with my DSLR, only my iphone. I alarmed some of them and I wish I had a video camera as they went to take off and appeared to all be running on the water.

As cormorants don't have oil in their feathers to keep them dry, they must hang themselves out to dry.


  1. Definitely a Cormorant Convention happening there :D)

  2. Love that collective noun I hope they are able to solve at least one pressing cormorant problem at this convention