Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bloom'n Computers Grrrrrr!!!!!

  As the title suggests I am having all kinds of problems with my computer at the moment so I am unable to host the scavenger hunt this weekend. I will go to work on Tuesday and bring home my work laptop so hopefully I will have it up and running my then, my apologies to all my lovely people who usually join in. I am on my iPad at the moment and can't upload photos even though I have the Blogger app, it keeps defaulting to my othe blog not this one. It's sad that my photo a day challenge for a year has been wrecked.  Oh. Well when you are at the mercy of technology there is not a lot to do about it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about computers Deb!grrr My daughter has been over here helping me get itunes back since a computer crash. We re installed it but I couldn't access my songs' list because the reinstalling creates a new account. I couldn't add any songs without deleting all that were on the iPod. We had to buy and download a another program to save everything on the ipod to the PC then copy them back to the Ipod...:-/ Without this child of mine, I would be doomed!lol

  2. I would be left in the lurch if I had to rely on my daughters as neither of them have many skills in that area. I kinda paved the way in the family with computers, but when my hard drive becomes unseated (as the diagnostic error told me) it's time for a expert. I guess my laptop didn't like being taken down to the shack, this weekend

    1. Unseated? My goodness I see what you mean about needing an expert... luckily for me, my brother did an IT course at TAFE :-)

  3. Oh Deb, this is my biggest fear, that the old computer will come crashing down around me, but then I would see that as a sign that's it time for me to find another hobby perhaps since my family think I've lost it a bit since I've become a blogger. See you when it all gets back up and running. Take care