Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Aftermath

Today the road was finally opened so we went to see what it was like beyond our beautiful bubble.

The sun, red from the smoky air

The haze continues

The weatherboard house was saved but the bin melted in the heat.

Fire had lapped up to the edges of the house, burning all the grass surrounding it, yet the house was saved.

This is right next to the weatherboard house.

Burnt right down to the river's edge

Power lines were down but surprisingly our town a few kilometres away didn't lose power.

My favourite flock of geese survived. It was good to see them swimming in their usual spot.

Smouldering trees

We were very happy to see that our village survived.
I know its a dead tree but this tree is my favourite tree to photograph. Here it is before the fire.

And after. Looks like during the fire storm it lost some limbs.
This photo was published on facebook the other night and shows what was going on. It's taken not far from my favourite tree. I must say I love this shot and I think Charles Tewes, who took it was extremely hardy to be in amongst it all. Beautiful photograph, Charles.


  1. What a dreadful experience Deb, I've been thinking of you and others in Tassie. Glad you're ok.

  2. Great photo. Is that the river you cross on the way to your place, just before you drive into Primrose?

  3. Yes Renee, thats the river. It's absolutely unbelievable the areas burnt. It cam on so quick.

  4. Yes Renee, thats the river. It's absolutely unbelievable the areas burnt. It cam on so quick.

  5. Just found your blog!
    SO glad you two are alright...We suffer those kinds of fires a lot here in Texas.
    Hope you manage to pull things together again!
    Donna (Texas)

  6. Oh Deb, so much destruction. To think only a year ago I was travelling around in Tassie. Have been watching on the news and so glad you are alright.

  7. That was an experience to tell your grandchildren one day! Great photos, what a shame about your favourite tree and the one of the river would have to win a competition for sure.

  8. Hi Deb, glad all is well for you now. Have just been reading your previous post too. Good that you had the beach to go to. Can imagine how worried your family would have been for you both. That fire sure came close to your house.

  9. Susan the house in these pictures wasn't my house, thankfully.

  10. I pleased you are safe Deb. Thanks for your comment on my miserable post. Some of us grumpy buggers don't know how lucky we are. :-)

  11. Oh These photos say it all and Charles last one is incredibly moving. I am happy your village survived. Fire has such a impact on our lives. Take care. B