Monday, 5 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge.............................V....................

Vinegar: with orange peel as I am making my own citrus cleaner. Looks pretty sitting on the window sill.

Vessels of the sea, both old and new.

Vista:  Autumn glow at New Norfolk

Venus Fly Trap. In my friend's garden.

Verbena: from my garden.

Vegetables: mainly, part of 2011's harvest.

Violinist: Playing at Salamanca

Vases: at the nursery.

Valentine: I was asked to create a Valentine for a photographic contest and I came up with this. It's a fridge magnet, repeated and colour changed.

Violet: The only violet flower that was out the day I was looking. 

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. As I get through towards the end of the alphabet I am feeling really challenged trying to find photographs but hopefully I will have at least one thing for each remaining letter.  Then I will challenge myself to a thematic view on things, perhaps.


  1. Hello, Deb! I though I should check out your blog since we share the same name. I enjoyed your post very much. Does he vinegar and citrus cleaner really work? What do you clean with it?

  2. Your doing really well Deb, love all the V's and you're nearly there. Cheers

  3. Thanks debsgarden I think we may have more than a name in common. I am mad about gardens as well. The citrus cleaner does work. It steeps on my windowsill and when I use it I mix it 50/50 with normal vinegar and it cleans my kitchen very nicely. It has a strong orange aroma which I love.

    Thanks Chris, your comments are welcome as always.

  4. You've done well Deb. A nice mixture for the 'V's.
    The Vista Autumn Glow is nothing short of stunning!

  5. You are really making a great job of this Deb. James was right over when i was looking at the ship picture, and we have just spent ages working back through your photos :) So stunning - every one.James does like the ones with the boats best. :)

  6. Wow, so close now. Love the New Norfolk photo but I've got to say it is one of the wierdest and creepiest towns I have ever visited. Couldn't wait to get out.