Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Stroll around Salamanca and Battery Point

Alpaca yarn in the wool shop.

Kelly Steps that lead from Salamanca and the waterfront to Battery Point.

In a shop window was a display of origami.

The steps to the Long Gallery.

art piece

Interesting door

The cream can bar stools at the Gourmet Farmer's deli.

Trikes on the ceiling of a cafe near the Peacock theatre.

Wooden dolls in a shop window.

I stumbled on some kind of photo shoot.

Restaurants, as far as the eye could see.

In a shop window.

The parliament lawns.

Battery Point is one of the earliest parts of Hobart and features many period homes.

Maybe this one was owned by a Collingwood supporter.

Looking in a shop window at Salamanca, again.

This full size horse sculpture made from rusty wire was being loaded on the ute as it has been sold. The artist stands beside his ute.

Whale blubber rendering pots.

The gorgeous door knobs were outside a shop at Battery Point. They are hand painted in India and they really caught my eye.


  1. Gosh, what an interesting post. My first thoughts were, Salamanca Place and a Wool Shop - what more could you want. But, your tour through Battery Point was fascinating. When we lived down there, one particular street has some VERY interesting letter boxes - one in particular was a view of someone's rear end - bending down and you can imagine where the letters went !! My DD searched everywhere for that street when she visited Tassie a few years ago but couldn't find it. Maybe its gone. xox

    1. Your story of the letterbox made me and the bearded wonder laugh like mad. I haven't come across THAT street. There is a street called Arthur's Circus which is a circular street and many of these pics of Battery Point were taken there.

  2. A really beaut series of photos Deb. I'm constantly amazed at what you find :D)