Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rural Odds and Sods

While out and about I drove past a local sheep paddock where lambs had recently been born. I came across this big fella. It looks like he'd been feasting on a lamb that had died. He was quite tall and didn't attempt to fly away when he saw me as I suppose he wasn't willing to leave his feast for the crows.

I had cause to drive north to Launceston recently and this shed and tree on top of a hill appealed to me on this beautiful sunny day. The one below as well was on the same stretch of road but the sky looked a bit more ominous.

In a field just outside of Launceston.

I was driving along a bush track looking for good fungi hunting spots (for photography) and I came across this little creek and opposite was this headstone.

We followed the bush track and ended up at this beach called Rheban which is a private beach and looks over to Maria Island.

Another view along the beach which is part of this sheep farm.

Remember when I mentioned I'd spotted a seal in the river but hadn't snapped him. A few days later on the way to a vet visit, he was back again and playing and having lots of fun. Just as I got back in the car to go as I was running late for my appointment, he raised himself out of the water to about waist level (do seals have waists?) with a fish in his mouth which he was furiously shaking with his head. Alas, missed the photo of that!!!

Caught this beauty though.

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