Friday, 13 February 2015

Summer Fun in the Bruny Sun

Early January was a wonderful time for us. We had our grand children visiting so decided to take them on an adventure to the beautiful Bruny Island, home of writer Richard Flanagan, (Man Booker prize winner).

We catch the ferry from Kettering and 20 minutes later we are driving the roads of Bruny Island.
Map of Bruny Island, Tasmania

Heading down to South Bruny lighthouse.

The lighthouse keepers beach

Magnificent coastal views

Native Tasmanian flowers

Christmas Bells (Blandifolia punicea) is only grown in a few places in Tasmania.

One of the things that Bruny is known for its population of white wallabies that come out at dusk.

I enjoyed watching this dog chasing fish through the water.

Where the river meets the sea. Captain Cook filled his ship with water from Resolution creek in 1777. Captain Bligh (from Mutany on the Bounty fame) also came here.

Cloudy Bay

This is the isthmus that joins north and south Bruny. The locals call it the neck. On the left is the Tasman Sea and the quiet waters of Simpsons bay on the right.

For those wishing to make the best of the views, these stairs take you almost to heaven.

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