Saturday, 21 February 2015

Way Up The Road To Wayatinah

What a lovely day we had recently as we traveled to Wayatinah which is now a bit of a ghost town after the Hydro Electric Commission finished the power station. It is now inhabited by a skeleton crew that keeps the power station ticking over.

On the way we traversed an area that was a centre of hop production in days gone by and the oast houses remain. The hop industry has had a resurgence of late, due to Tasmania having a spike in craft beer production.

It did make me giggle. This bridge crosses Lake Meadowbank.

In Wayatinah there was a pole with a box attached and I had to go for a closer look. It was this old fire alarm.

One of the residents of the town owned this lovely old car.

Considering that we were in highland country that we should see some very cute and curious highland cattle who came over for a pat.

The power station is at the bottom of this hill. Its the power without the glory.

A very obliging bird allowed me to photograph it. Usually, I don't bother with the small birds as they are too fast for me and I'm not known to have buckets of patience. Thanks Birdie!

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