Thursday, 1 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge.................................U

Upside Down
University of Tasmania (part of)

Uninvited guest: regular readers will know about the ducks that visit me at school.  They tap on the glass sliding door with their beaks when they see the children eating their lunch.

Upside Down Umbrella: it was hanging from the ceiling of the local plant nursery.

Umbrellas: Roger brought me home a postcard of the umbrellas and I added a paper one to the picture.

Undulating:  This is on the way to my beach shack.
Under the bridge: Richmond, Tasmania.

Underside of a leaf (Fatsia Japonica)

Underneath a show chrysanthemum. Apparently they have little frames that hold the petals out.


  1. Hi Deb, your photos put mine to shame. Love what YOU did with U. Thanks for popping by my blog. You know, I cannot grow Boronia but I try and buy a new one each year for Spring. I also want to get a Daphne, I can't grow them either, but my mother can grow them from a dry stick. She lives in Ballarat must have something to do with the weather. Stay well.

  2. Very creative with the letter 'u'.Love the upside down duck.

  3. Oh that upside down duck made me giggle! So cute.

  4. I love the word 'undulating' and your accompanying photo. Just beautiful.
    Pretty umbrellas and you've caught a great underneath view of a chrysanthemum.
    A beaut set of "U"s Deb.