Saturday, 10 September 2011

Alphabet Challenge...........................W...................

Waratah: One of my favourite flowers. Today, I planted a Shady Lady at the shack.

Whale: Over the years I have seen many, many whales, but the thrill never diminishes for me. This one was a humpback, swimming of the coast of north west Western Australia.

Washing machine: inside of mine.

Wringer: from the past.

Washing machine from the past also, found in the old Richmond gaol.

Woven: part of my basket.

Weaver:  from my doll collection.

Windmill at Oatlands, Tasmania

Wall: convict built at Oatlands.

White Lily

Wind flower: from my garden.

Weathered: This old wooden fence is at Campbell Town and if you look closely you can see the effects of the weather on the timber.

Wind Generator: The local supermarket has three in their carpark to reduce their power bills.

Wizard:  One of my fridge magnets.

Wool: Handspun and dyed and just inviting me to drag out my needles.

Windows: in the conservatory in the Launceston City Park.

Water droplet: on my broccoli plant.

Wasp: not swimming very well.

Whirligig: a closeup on one at the market.

Weighing device:  at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

Wrought Iron: in the graveyard at Windemere.

Windswept: at the Bluff Lighthouse at Devonport.

Wineglass Bay on the East Coast of Tasmania

Waterfall: can't remember where.

Wisteria: Growing over the patio of our previous home, which by the way was an old church building on the river bank.

Waiting to be let in: Asia by the sliding glass doors.

Whirlpool Reach: Taken from the Batman Bridge over the Tamar River.


  1. That droplet of water on your broccoli is just awesome!
    I, too love the Waratah - just have no success growing them though. I was told to plant them and then practically ignore them... what's your thoughts Deb?
    In all, a wonderful collection of 'W's - I enjoyed them all :D)

  2. Beautiful Deb, you see things so differently. I mean I see a washing machine and you see another dimension with the inside. The water droplet, well I would probably just see the plant. What ever made you leave an old church house by a river bank? BTW we have been looking at buying land in Tassie, around the East Coast for when DH retires which is not for about 6 years yet. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but your photos certainly make me want to live there. TFS

  3. Susan, I have never had any luck with Waratah either. I have tried at my last three homes and this planting is my last ditch effort. Absolutely no more after this. I have also heard to ignore them too and I have tried that and tending with care. I have planted this time into sandy soil, which I have put a little sheep manure and a very light sprinkling of water crystals and lucerne hay as a mulch. Wish me luck!
    Chris: The east coast of Tassy is lovely but water could be an issue if you don't find a block with a permanent supply. Our shack is south east and we are on water tanks only. When it rains it rains heaps so getting enough tanks to capture it when it comes would be the thing. You would love it here, lots of creative peole such as yourself.