Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Woe is Me!

I found this little chap in my garden and he presented some questions to me. Was he whittled by a past tennant of the house that used to be on this block, why is he so sad looking, did that reflect the feelings of the person who carved him?  Who is AB? These initials are carved on the reverse side? I thought he deserved to be up out of the dirt and placed him in the fork of the old walnut tree.


  1. A perfect title for this sad little chap Deb!
    Yes, it'd be interesting to know the story behind him :D)

  2. How wonderful to have a little mystery to mull over. Poor wee man. xxx

  3. It resembles the famous "Thinker" statue ( so maybe it is a past student's art major project and he/she used the statue as inspiration. Maybe the garden was their thinking place?