Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Back roads to Bothwell Part 2

A example of the cottages which are common in this town.

The town had lovely, well kept gardens both public and private.

Detail on the Castle hotel which is the 3rd oldest continuously run pub in Australia.

I enjoy photographing in old grave yards.

The Hawthorn hedges were flowering beautifully.

Bothwell is well known for its wool sheep and has a spinners and weavers festival each year. The lambs were having a great time climbing on the haystack and jumping off again.

The old bootmaker's shop.

Taking the girls out.

Loads of quaint old sheds were about.
The whole town taken from Mt Adelaide which is no more than a bit of a mound.

The old Priory, which is now an accommodation venue.

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  1. All lovely photos, Deb. What a great photo you got of the lambs; they are doing what young humans would do! Lovely! The rooster and his 'harem' is delightful too.