Friday, 27 December 2013

More From Oatlands and Surrounds

On the journey to Oatlands, we passed the poppy fields where they are grown for the medicinal opium industry

Weeds on the roadside in all their fluffy glory.

Wild poppies that pop up by the roadside.

Clover flowers never looked so pretty.

Oatlands is a town with an old flour mill at the centre and is surrounded by sandstone cottages with beautiful gardens. Even the shops are full of interest.

The shop fronts are decorative and offer wonderful glimpses of pattern and shape.

The Callington Mill

It still grinds flour for artisan breads.

Wonderful old lace up boots that feature in a shop window.

Even the shop displays are quaint and inviting.

This chap was tucked into the corner of the restaurant where we had lunch.


  1. and again you visit but don't call in. I will start to be offended soon, lol :-) . It's all pretty photogenic around these parts isn't it!! Hard to stop taking snaps at every turn.

  2. Please don't be offended Jo, I was there with my photography group on a Wednesday morning and I thought it best I didn't traipse a traveling troupe of 15 out to Parratah. But one day, I definitely will come alone.