Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Carlton River on a Still Saturday

We were traveling into the city on Saturday morning for another photographic project, (which you will get to see in a week or two) when we just had the stop and capture the reflections in the local river.

The weeds on the roadside, as they do, caught my eye.

On returning in the afternoon I was looking at the still water and noticed a section of ripples. I stopped the car as I was curious as to what was causing these ripples.

There was a seal who had swum quite a way from the sea, up the river BUT when I went to photograph it, the cheeky thing dove under the water and emerged 50 metres away with his flipper in the air as if he was waving goodbye to us. All he left was the ripples which looked lovely in the late afternoon sunlight.
This was taken at the same time as the last shots but away from the ripples. The cheeky seal hadn't swum in that part yet looking at the glassy water.

I have often driven past this tree, across a paddock, on the edge of the river and spotted it in the late afternoon light and kicked myself that I hadn't had my camera with me. BUT today I did and I managed to capture it.

and a fennel seed head.

and on the opposite side of the road another unidentified weed.

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