Thursday, 19 June 2014

Snaps from my Stroll around Sandy Bay

Every Thursday for the last few weeks I have had to fill in a couple of hours in the city while I waited for the bearded wonder to do his physio-therapy. I decided to bring Django with me as I strolled around Sandy Bay. There is a promenade along the river's edge which is popular for dog walkers. These photos are a glimpse of things that caught my eye during these afternoons.

The area was popular with birds as the owner of a local cafe puts out seed for them on the railing outside his business.

This is the Shot Tower which is at Taroona, just down the road from Sandy Bay.

Looking into the gardens of the houses, a collection of relics can be found.

The boathouse near the Casino

The Dietes were prolific one week and by the following week they had finished.

Along the promenade there are a few boat houses at the bottom of people's gardens and this was the handle on the door of one of them.
Echiums looked lovely the the gardens along the waterfront.

This embossing is a small part of a large relief mural on the walls of the change rooms.

Whilst walking under a tree, I heard a lot of noise, it sounded like someone was getting a right telling off. I looked up and these to were at it. One making all the racket and the other with their head down as if they were tired of being berated.

This is part of the shelter shed at the local Petanque ground.

We wandered through this bush track and found ourselves back on the promenade where I spotted a pod of 8 dolphins swimming close to the shore. I was just getting my camera aimed when Django spotted a seagull that he had to chase and pulled me away with a jerk. All I ended up with in the photo was a wake of where they had been and one fin. I stalked then along the river bank for 10 minutes hoping for that magic shot but they were gone so swiftly, swimming about 50 metres underwater before popping up briefly. Too bad, its the story of my life.

I had to be content with a galah which was feeding nearby.

Looking down at the beach from the promenade.

A sneaky peak at the marina near the Casino.

Just a few dollars worth of boats, looking towards Battery Point.

This interesting looking house caught my eye on the hillside.

Another marina. Sailing is so popular here.

Then back to the city to wait for him to finish. Such a contrast.

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