Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

Last night I received a message from Evi at to say that she has awarded me a Liebster Blog Award.  Evi and I have a mutual love of each others blogs and I thanks her very much for thinking about me. Part of the award system with this award is to honour a blog with less than 200 followers and to send it on by nominating another 5 favourite blogs. I love this as it exposes our blogs to a wider group of people. My nominations are:

Jan at always an interesting read for me as she is a fellow Tasmanian and I love her perspective on living the simple life.

Claire at is living in the way I am trying to back to. Love her fresh take on things.

Susan at takes me on her journeys through her words and pictures and I thoroughly enjoy her humour. an enjoyable read about a young family living the simple life in the city.  a blog about frugal living, something I am right into personally at the moment.

Thanks to the bloggers above for enriching my life.



  1. Why thank you Deb. This is totally unexpected and a lovely thought. I really appreciate your comments and it thrills me to know that somebody out there in blogland reads my (very) sporadic posts.
    Naturally, I blame the time of year as with all the garden produce to process my brain is veggie-logged at the moment.


  2. Thank you Deb for your kind words in regard to my blog. The feeling is mutual and I enjoy 'your' take on the world through your delightful photos.
    I will have pleasure in visiting the other blogs you've mentioned too.

  3. Thank you and WOW! That's made my day :)
    A ray of sunshine on a grey day :)