Wednesday, 22 August 2012

King of the Bush Is He..

laugh Kookaburra laugh..   how gay your life must be!

These friendly birds live near my shack and they aren't scared of people at all. When I photographed the one on the sign, he just sat there for ages while I clicked away and chatted to him.


  1. Hi Deb
    I want to join your scavenger hunt by posting this weekend but I couldn't work out the subject. Is it Sparkle or Best thing about winter? If it's winter it could be interesting as the sun is shining here in Brisbane. No frost on hedgerows! Cheers.Jean.

  2. Hi Deb, I have a pair of Kookas visiting a tree near my letterbox. They have no fear and watch me with idle curiosity but remain way too high in the tree to get a good pic. They love to let everyone in the street know they are present and are causing havoc in the bird community in general, but a nice addition.