Sunday, 12 August 2012

Whiter Shade of Pale

Joining in with Evi again for her colour challenge

Feel free to join me for a photographic scavenger hunt. Sign up by leaving me a comment telling me you want to join in and I will get back to you soon with your first challenge.

Iron Lace at Battery Point

A stranger's dog on Primrose Beach

Inside of the washing machine (I like patterns)

Flowers from my garden

Apex of the Batman Bridge

Lighthouse along the river at Low Head

gates at the old Mercury building, Hobart

Part of a sculpture at the Victorian Art Gallery

More patterns (in the bakery)

Lillypilly flowers


Inside a cottage at Port Arthur

Santa (in the off season)

Muscovies at City Park.


  1. Beautiful photos Deb! Love the crispness of white. Scavenger hunt sounds fun. Can you give me a few more details?

  2. Thanks Linn, there is info on my homepage , look under tab that says Join Me, if I have missed something you want to know feel free to ask. You dont have to be a fabulous photographer, just willing to challenge yourself and be willing to share on your blog which will be linked to mine. Gives us a chance to get the camera out of mothballs to see what we can do with it.

  3. Another lot of amazing photos Deb!I love patterns and designs which is probably why the subjects I liked teaching the most in my career were Maths and art :-)