Thursday, 21 November 2013

Journey To The End Of The Road

Yesterday, I had the great delight on traveling Australia's southern most road. I hadn't been to Cockle Creek for years and I had forgotten how beautiful the area is.

D'entrecasteaux River en route to Cockle Creek.

The wildflowers are prolific at this time of year.

Where the river meets the sea.

The seagull take a drink of fresh water before it turns salty.

Little islets abound in this area.

The area looked like much the same as it would have looked when French explorer, Bruni D'Entrecasteaux sailed his two ships, the Recherche and Esperance, into the bay in 1792

Then we discovered man made items.

A collection of oars decorating the wall of a shack.

This shack had a certain charm, with is door opening right onto the beach.

The bridge over Cockle Creek

A statue of a whale graces the point, made my a sculptor named Stephen Walker.

A shack on the creek behind the skeleton trees.

Hidden in the bush was a shack with this sign on the wall.

A jetty opposite a shack with a trusty tinny tied up, awaiting the the owner to go and collect the cray pots.  And here it is........


  1. Isn't it a magic area Deb. we were there last autumn and had a swim very near as south Tas as possible. Love your photos

  2. Very interesting. Lovely photos too. xox

    1. Thanks Dorothy, I love exploring this island.

  3. Very interesting. Lovely photos too. xox