Monday, 24 March 2014

Creative Woodbridge

While exploring Woodbridge last week, I stumbled upon what looked like a community arts project. Being a lover of shape, pattern and texture, I couldn't resist capturing it.

         And then I find art in other odd things.
Looks like a face to me

Fossils in the rock

Faces where you don't expect

Even the hand carved graffiti has a certain charm

Found in someone's garden

The roof trusses at the cafe at Grandvewe Cheesery

Tea caddies stacked up.


  1. What an exciting discovery. Nice shapes.

  2. I can certainly see why you couldn't resist photographing those pieces. I'm thinking they were part of a path, or a wall? In any case, they're all very well done and certainly eyecatching. Lol, yes, can see those pieces of art as you do Deb, faces too. Great pics and enjoyed your post :D)