Monday, 17 March 2014

Visit to the Speigeltent

For years I have had a thing for the Speigeltent, (a wonderful venue which moves from place to place for festivals that has the feel of a 1930's Parisian nightclub) dying to photograph its interior. I saw it once at the Sydney Festival but when I approached the person in charge, my request to enter and photograph the interior was turned down :-(
When I heard it was coming to Hobart for the 10 Days on the Island Festival I was determined to get a look inside. This time I booked 2 tickets to a show so I could soak up the atmosphere. Yesterday we wandered past it and I went over to photograph the outside (alas I only had my iphone) and got talking to a lady who was in charge. She invited me inside and I had the opportunity to check out the beautiful interior.

So without the crowd I was able to see it in all its glory, beveled mirrors and exquisite ornate woodwork. The entire building was build without the use of nails. Everything just slots together. There is a team of men that travel the world putting it together and dismantling ready for it to move on. They must be very good at jigsaw puzzles.

The ceiling was draped on fabric.

Lead light windows adorned right round the building.

These Art Nouveau style pictures decorated the front of the tent.

The show we saw tonight was called Cantina and it was magnificent. Its a cross between 30s cabaret, burleque and circus. Unfortunately we were not permitted to photograph during the show so I found these pics on Google.

This poor guy was trampled all over by the woman in high heel shoes. Painful to say the least!!! :-0

Yesterday we wandered through St Davids park on our way back yesterday and I found my ancestors names on a plaque there as they were first fleeters and some of the original white settlers of Tasmania.

And wandering through the Salamanca market I was interested to see this unusual stringed instrument.


  1. Fascinating to see the Spiegeltent - glad you were allowed to photograph some of the inside this time!
    Always enjoy seeing what's happening through your lens Deb :D)