Friday, 16 May 2014

Dawdling Along The Docks

Last Saturday, we decided to attend a photographic exhibition on the Hobart Docks and after that we got Django out of the car and took him for a walk. This is a boat called the Rhona H.

The Windward Bound

We wandered Victoria Dock and checked out the fishing boats.

This is to discourage the seagulls from making a mess on the boats.

You can't go anywhere in Hobart in Autumn without finding leaves everywhere.


  1. Oh wow... lots of things I love - boats (esp wooden ones), water, reflections, dawdling ;D) Hubby and I enjoy walking around looking/dreaming at boats too. Love all the angles from which you've taken photos Deb. Ha ha, I would be deterred from making a mess on the decks with that fearsome bird looking at me - never mind the seagulls!!
    Did you enjoy the photographic exhibition? It looks like it was a beautiful day :D)

  2. Susan, I loved the exhibition, in fact I bought a photo of Flinders St Station as it brought back fond memories of when I lived in Melbourne for 6 months when I was 17. It's illuminated so it looks really colourful. I saw it like that but didn't have a camera with me at the time and when I tried to describe to people what I'd seen, they didn't believe me. But now I have the picture!

    1. That's beaut Deb and I'm glad you were able to get hold of that photo too. My first job was in Melbourne and I travelled by train each day. I remember click clacking down those steps (under the clocks) out of Flinders Street in my brand new heels. Then caught a tram up to Lonsdale Street. Brrrrr a bit cold in Winter though!
      Oh yes, imagine the photos we'd have if the ease and readiness of photography were available back then! No developing costs either :D)