Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wander in South Hobart

The major landmark in South Hobart is Mt Wellington and at the foot of the mountain is the Cascade brewery where the use the pristine mountain waters to make the beer. Its a grand building and across the road is what is called Cascade gardens and this is where we began our short sojourn last Wednesday.

Autumn in the gardens is lovely, displaying colour at ground level are these cyclamens

The maple leaves are turning

Some trees just glowed.

Mahonia Japonica

The last rose before winter.

The Japanese windflowers make me always photograph their undersides as that's where the interest is for me.

Part of a wheel of an old cart.

The spire on the brewery building.

When we left the gardens we wandered along a lovely path by the Hobart Rivulet which flows down from the mountain.

The view from the walking bridge that crosses the path.

On the ramp leading off the bridge.

Walking back on the other side of the rivulet.

and Django sitting up waiting for us to drive home. (He was actually hoping we'd stop off at the beach)


  1. Hi Deb, I thoroughly enjoyed your walk. All those beautiful Autumn colours will never fail to please. Love the curly bits to the cyclamen. Simply gorgeous scenery beside the rivulet, and, as always, those interesting shots you find to take... the wheel etc. Another lovely post :D)

  2. Thanks Susan, Your comments are always gratefully received.

    1. You're welcome Deb - it's lovely seeing Tassie through your artistic eyes :D)