Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What Tickled My Fancy In The Huon Valley

This journey to the Huon Valley was much more enjoyable than I imagined it would be because of the autumn colour which abounded everywhere. It was a treat for this old snapper. In the picture above, I was attracted to the contrast of the green, heavily manicured conifers and the wild form of the trees surrounding them.
Old sheds always are an attraction for me and this valley had oodles of them.

The Huon River at Franklin is the centre for wooden boats. There is a wooden boat school where students from all over the world come to learn old skills. 

Outside the wooden boat school.

A beautiful and very tame swan. In fact there were a pair.

The tall ship Yukon has now made Franklin home and takes people out on sailing jaunts on the weekend.

This curious bird caught my eye on the deck of the Yukon.

The reflections were just magic.

On the wall of the Wooden Boat Preservation Trust was a bunch of oars.
The lines of this old dinghy were very attractive.

The wild ducks enjoy the river as well.


The bearded wonder in the porthole of an old boat.

An interesting addition to an old building which made me wonder, where was the water?  Nice mural though.

Beautifully preserved cottages shows the pride that people take in there homes here.

This area was well known as the largest exporter of apples to the rest of the world in the 60's but those days have gone and although there are a few orchards remaining, its nothing compared to the valley's rich former glory.

Another example of a very inviting entrance.

Speaking of inviting entrances, this driveway made me really want to go through the gates to see what was there.

Moving onto Port Huon (where the big ships came back in the day and carted the apples off to the world), this interesting houseboat caught me eye.

Not a duck this time but a goose.

More beautiful reflections.
The river's edge 

We went exploring a couple of miles inland from the river and discovered a rainforest.

There he is again, I'm sure he's following me.

When I stopped to take the picture, the lady whose garden it was in was tickled pink that I adored her tree.

Another treasure.

A home built to look like an oast house.

An old apple picker's hut.


  1. Hi Deb, I was fascinated to see all your photos in front of the Wooden Boat School - in fact I ended up googling it and what an interesting place it is too. Can't wait to show MD... when he wakes up - I'm early-birding this morning!
    Loved all your collection of photos actually, reflections and that gorgeous feather with droplets. Beautiful cottages indeed.
    Thanks for sharing what tickled your fancy :D)

    1. I used to live in Franklin as a little child so it's always held a special place in my heart.

  2. Beautiful photos, love the reflections and old sheds have such a great appeal.....
    Funny that you should be there, got talking to a douple of tourists in my home town yesterday and guess where they
    came from ? Franklin.......